What we are looking for...

Businesses with "soul", that are established and profitable.

Small and medium sized companies with revenues between £1m and £15m who sell wholly or mainly to other businesses.

We do not want to run the business day to day so ideally there will be a small team within the business that can take care of day to day management.

For anyone who entrusts their business to us  we will respect its essence, its brand and those who work in it. We want to build on the foundations which are already there, not to merge it or take it apart.

We can:


There are times when business owners reach a point where they either want to leave the business entirely or they see the business needs investment and impetus that they alone cannot provide.

Either way, they want to pass the baton.


If there is no one in the owners family or the existing business who wants to take on the challenge of leading the business forward then we can help.


We can acquire the whole of a business or a majority stake to help the owner achieve the outcome they want and the business to move on to the next phase of its life and its growth.


If you are a potential business acquirer or someone who might consider investing in the acquisition of a good quality SME business then we would be very interested to talk to you about working together and partnering on a deal. We are firm believers that two heads are better than one and sometimes a combination of different experience and skillsets is required to get the best outcome.


You may be a business owner that wants to keep control of your business but you want a degree of external input in know how or funding to help the business grow to the next level.

If so then speak to us. We are happy to consider investments on exciting businesses with potential for greater success in the future.

Whatever we do:



We are often asked how we fund our deals.

In every case, the nature and structure of the funding are different and depend on the circumstances of the seller, the company and the market. 

What we can say is that we have access to a huge range of funding options, including a multi-million dollar US-based private equity fund, wealthy individual investors, and an array of UK based funding options.

We will source and structure funding in accordance with our values, the needs of the vendor and the situation in front of us.

It is not about who you know it is about who knows you. Here is Philip Jepson rubbing shoulders and spending time with two billionaires and a multi multi millionaire (Yes that is Vanilla Ice). In early 2021 Phil will be spending two days with Fred and Erik, (the two billionaires in the photo) exchanging ideas and discussing businesses and investments.


Phil Jepson Fred Fishback Vanilla Ice Erik Schmid
Phil Jepson and Garry Kasparov


We are guided by strategy but flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities that may appear.

We will evaluate the position, think several moves ahead, and then implement.

This the approach of Gary Kasparov, the world's greatest ever chess player, who Phil met and spoke to in Los Angeles in November 2019.