Phil is the founder of the business and is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for business and a firm believer in the importance of strong small businesses to our country and the fabric of our society. Phil spent 15 years in legal practice, 10 of them as a Partner and did his first business start up in 2004. In all he has 25 years experience as a business owner.

He is passionate about learning and when he isn't deep into a book or a podcast he can be found on a bike, a yoga mat or a pair of skis.



Jennifer is Co-Founder & Senior Managing partner of multiple companies with the core in real estate and investment. As a global franchisor, she is specialised in building high performing sales teams. She has more than 18 years experiences in evaluating and restructuring asset deals.

Jennifer lived and worked already in 4 countries and is passionate about growing people in her environment by holding them accountable to the highest possible standards.

Her creative mindset helps her to position companies, individuals, and services in an extraordinary way.



Jan-Marc is an international corporate veteran. He has been building and turning around teams and departments for over a decade. Business Development, Digitalisation, Processes and People Development are his core competencies. With working from Japan to the West Coast USA he incorporates the international background with his unique situational leadership approach.  His passion for business and personal development are key drivers in his life. Besides business he loves to spend time with his family and discover new places.



Ulrike is an expert in electronics development, especially of wireless electronics.  She has worked in several projects from research to product development.  She also led funded projects up to manufacturing projects in different application areas.

She adds profound engineering knowledge from electronics to software topics.  Ulrike has been working with an international big company for over a decade and got insights to the challenges in international projects.  Leadership, personal development and innovation are key drivers in her life.

Besides business she loves to spend time with her family and to support society with her engatement in parents or music associations.


Business Enhancement Partner

Gavin is an expert in business management and business enhancement.  He adds incredible value to our business and to the businesses we acquire.

He has been working with SME's for over 25 years, helping their Owners and Directors increase the value of their businesses.

Gavin has held senior positions in the Consulting Divisions of 3 of the "Big 4" Accountancy firms. He has held CEO roles and owned businesses.


Head of Growth & Development

Bethan is an award-winning coach and entrepreneur, specialising in the development of leaders.  Together with her background in marketing and sales, she nurtures the rising stars within businesses, Bethan's role is to develop the teams and prime their individuals for growth.

Bethan is passionate about using business as a vehicle for making an impact int he world and for creating freedom so individuals can have success without sacrifice.  She manages 5 businesses and brands dedicated to this mission.


Personal Assistant to Phil Jepson

Carla has been a PA to Managing Director's for the past 20 years, she now owns Invaluable Ltd which is a Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping business. Carla supports Phil in his business affairs to help him be more productive and effective. 


Strategic Adviser

The worlds number 1 wealth and business coach. He owns over 50 companies and is a leading expert on buying and selling businesses across the world. JT is a key mentor coach and adviser.

JT travels the globe coaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and is an incredible example of the triumph of hard work, resilience and persistence over the challenges that life throws out for all of us.


Strategic Adviser

Guy’s personal experience of acquiring Owner Managed Businesses is extensive, having worked on over 150 deals and acquiring revenues of his own business portfolio of over £20m in the process.

He also advises and consults on both acquisitions and business sales for other entrepreneurs and has experience of a wide range of business sectors and deal structures including hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and commercial debt and finance.

In addition to growth by acquisition, Guy has also built three separate businesses from scratch to over 7 figures in sales so he understands in detail the challenges and effort that owner managers put into their businesses.


Strategic Adviser

Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Momentum Consulting Group which is a leading US sales consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Kevin is a renowned business growth strategist, coach and speaker. He has led on acquisitions made by Momentum and he has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience on business and entrepreneurship in general but particularly on anything relating to sales and marketing.


Strategic Adviser

Terry is a human behaviour specialist, performance coach and speaker, and has devoted more than a decade of his life to the study of extraordinary thinking.

Terry's mission is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in their lives, by working with them to transform the way they think so that they can transform their results.

He works with business owners, entrepreneurs  sports people, and challenges and provokes each client’s way of thinking, to help them to shape their future and live their lives on purpose.

Hence Terry is known as “the Mindshaper”

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