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Talking to a crowd 2500 people about buying businesses ...

Was an amazing experience. Slightly surreal that I went all the way to Los Angeles to speak about buying SME businesses in the UK but since a good part of the audience were also from the UK and Europe it wasn't as daft as it sounds. In addition many of those from 87 countries around the world, are interested in investing in and doing business in the UK even if they do not live here and have never visited.

12 months earlier I had been at the same conference sat at the back of the room watching proceedings and marvelling at the quality of the speakers and the audience and the attention that the speakers got after they had spoken.

In November 2019 I got to experience it all first hand and stand out front to tell the story of UK Business Capital Partners, our mission and why we are doing what we are doing.

I have the video on the home page as well but I wanted to tell the story here in a bit more detail..

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