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What qualifications do you need to be an entrepreneur? Is there a course you need to take? Do you need a degree in something? Do you need experience? Do you need to be a certain age? No. No. No. No. Most people would get those. Do you need a big, world-changing idea? Many people think you do but again the answer is "No". The most successful entrepreneurs I know have a small idea. Often something so insignificant it doesn't even seem like much of an idea at all. They just think that if they do this thing it will help someone a bit, make their lives a bit better, a bit richer, a bit more pleasant. Being an entrepreneur is not about thinking big. It is about thinking small AND DOING IT. To be an entrepreneur you need a certificate in "DOING **IT". Try it small. If someone buys it do more. If they don't then refine it and try again or do something else. Dreamers dream big and because the dream is bog they cannot do it. Meanwhile, the entrepreneur has a small business up and running.

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