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Our values guide everything we do


Starting, running and growing a small business is hard work. Unless you have done it you will never understand or appreciate the effort and sacrifice involved.

We have done it and we take our duty seriously as custodians of the product of the tears and sweat of those who have gone before us.

We respect the owner of the business, the people who work in the business and the achievements of the business so far. 


Large sums of money are often changing hands in these processes, whether on the day a deal is concluded or over a period of time. Liking each other,  trusting each other and respecting each other is vital to make it work.

We are straightforward. We say what we mean and we will do what we say.


The process of leaving or letting someone else into your business can feel complicated and stressful.

We want to make it as pain free as possible.


We keep things clear and as simple as possible.

The Long View

Whether we are acquiring a business, partnering or investing in a business we want what is best for all of us over a period of time. We are not in this for a quick win or a fast buck.


We want to ensure the long term health of the business and the futures of those within it.

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