UK Business Capital Partners buy, partner with and invest in established and well managed SME businesses.

We are building a family of businesses.

See our approach to funding and strategy.

You can listen to Phil Jepson and his Buying & Selling Businesses Show here, but if you want to see the video versions of the episodes, get 5000 hours of business coaching and training and podcasts from dozens of entrepreneurs subscribe to MillionaireFlix for $20 per month.
Acquire : Partner : Invest

Every business owner reaches a point where they either want to move on from the business they have created and nurtured, or recognise that in order to take the business to the next level it needs investment and input which are not available to it from within.

We are here to offer a win win win.

Win - To allow the business owner to move forward in the way they want to.

Win - To help the business and the people, employed by it to continue to thrive and to grow.

Win - To achieve a deal which allows us to continue to develop the business and to make a sensible return on doing so.

We are experts in business buying, business investing and partnering with others in buying businesses.

Our Values

We have 4 core values that drive everything we do:


We respect the owner of the business, the people who work in the business and the achievements of the business so far. 


We say what we mean and we will do what we say.


We keep things clear and as simple as possible.

The Long View

We want to ensure the long term health of the business and the futures of those within it.

Our Team

Our business is led by Philip Jepson, who has 25 years experience of being a business owner and was a co founder of Jepson Holt 15 years ago.

We have assembled a team of talented and experienced Partners and high level strategic advisers with substantial experience and expertise in acquiring and investing in businesses in the UK and around the world

We help owners of established companies get the exit they deserve in 3 months through the Business Succession System. This 6 minute presentation explains how it works.

As seen on:

What is it like to sell your business to Phil Jepson and UK Business Capital Partners? 

Steve Robertson, the former Co Owner of EGL Vaughan Ltd talks to Bethan Jepson about what the process was like for him and how he feels now.

In November 2019 Philip Jepson spoke to 2500 entrepreneurs at the MegaSuccess conference in Los Angeles.

He featured in a session which focussed on Buying & Selling Businesses and outlined our ethos and approach.

JT Foxx,  the world's No1 wealth & business coach gives a personal testimonial for Philip Jepson

Here is serial entrepreneur Richard Peutherer's testimonial for Philip Jepson

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 18.30.50.png

In the Second Edition of his book Millionaire Underdog, JT Foxx, the World's No 1 Wealth & Business Coach talks about Philip Jepson at Page 141, in his Chapter on How to Grow Businesses 

JT P141.jpeg

It's not who you know, it's who knows you


Phil Jepson in animated discussion with George Ross (Former attorney and in house counsel to Donald Trump and Judge on The Apprentice USA), Hugh Hilton (Multi-Millionaire corporate turnaround specialist and real estate investor) and JT Foxx (the world's No 1 wealth and business coach) in front of a large audience in London in March 2019.

Phil Jepson and Hugh Hilton in New York in January 2020 after a really pleasant and interesting private lunch. Hugh is very creative in his approach to business challenges and extremely principled in his approach.


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