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UK Business Capital Partners Buy, Partner with & Invest in Established and Well-Managed SME businesses.

We are building a family of businesses. We continue & create legacies.

Phil Jepson speaking at Red Bull F1 Racing about how Red Bull got into F1 and whether it is best to buy or start a business

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Every business owner reaches a point where they either want to move on from the business they have created and nurtured, or recognise that in order to take the business to the next level it needs investment and input which are not available to it from within.

We are here to offer a win win win.

Win - To allow the business owner to move forward in the way they want to, whether that's retirement or selling the majority of their shares but continuing to work with us.

Win - To help the business and the people employed by it to continue to thrive and to grow.

Win - To achieve a deal which allows us to continue to develop the business and to make a sensible return on doing so.


We welcome new partners into our family - those who want to buy a business but don't want to do it on their own.

Either because you don't feel you have the time yourself, as you may still have a job or another business you have to worry about...


OR maybe because you've never acquired a business before and want to benefit from the learnings of those who have...

OR maybe you just don't want to shoulder all the responsibility of being a business owner on your own and you enjoy being part of a team...

Whatever the reason, we want to hear from you.


For some acquisitions, there is the opportunity for private investors to strategically invest their money into the acquisition deal and fundamentally, an asset which is already proven to give healthy returns. 

Typically this generates better returns than other traditional investment vehicles like property, angel investing in start-ups and the stock market for instance.

Usually small investors don't get the opportunities to benefit from returns like 35% over 2-3 years.


And the best part is, there are years worth of detailed financial data from the established businesses for investors to minimise risk and calculate more predictable returns.

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